The Mentally Tough Kid course will help your young athlete:

  • Increase confidence

  • Manage mistakes

  • Strengthen focus

  • Manage nerves & anxiety

  • Set and achieve goals

  • Enjoy themselves more while playing


Build Mental Toughness in Your Youth Athlete!

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What's Included in The Mentally Tough Kid Course?

  • 6 modules with over 40 value packed videos
  • Easy to understand mental training tools and techniques
  • Interactive exercises
  • Mental game strategies for games
  • The Mentally Tough Kid Workbook 

Built on a Proven Framework for Learning 

Each module includes...

  • An introductory video that highlights the mental skill the module covers.
  • 5 core videos discussing different concepts and mental trainings tools & techniques, including a workbook exercise for each video. 
  • A summarizing video that reviews the main topics and provides your young athlete with an actionable strategy.

Here is how each core video is structured to facilitate learning in the best way possible:

  • Each video is 5-10 minutes in length.
  • The videos begin with a lesson.
  • There are relatable stories to improve understanding.
  • An example exercise is completed together.
  • Time is given for the athlete to complete the exercise on their own.
  • The video ends with a summary of what was covered.

Who Is The Mentally Tough Kid Course For?

  • Youth athletes of all sports.
  • Youth athletes who have the physical skills to succeed, but are missing a championship mindset during games.
  • Young athletes who want to become the best they can be at their sport and reach the next level, whatever that looks like for them!
  • Youth athletes who have a strong work ethic and are willing to invest the time each day to learn these tools that can transform their mental and physical game.
  • Athletes who are willing to put the tools taught in this course into action by incorporating them into their training and during games.

What Your Young Athlete Will Gain


The Mentally Tough Kid will help
your young athlete build
confidence in themselves & their


They will learn to recognize
distractions & refocus themselves
during games.


Your young athlete will learn how
to be more resilient and grow from


They will develop strategies to
calm their nerves going into a


They will learn valuable goal
setting skills to set & achieve goals
in their sport and improve
performance during games.


Young athletes need to enjoy
themselves! With this course, they
will regain the love for the game.

A Look Inside The Mentally Tough Kid

Module 1: Learning How to Manage Mistakes

  • Why you get upset after a mistake.

  • Noticing when you're upset in the moment.

  • Creating a strategy for managing mistakes.

  • Visualization to manage mistakes.

  • Changing how you view mistakes.

Module 2: Building Strong Self-Confidence

  • What confidence feels like to you.
  • Learning where your confidence comes from.
  • Altering your negative beliefs.
  • Mental imagery for confidence.
  • Identifying your strengths & weaknesses

Module 3: Improving Your Focus

  • Identifying your top distractions.
  • Learning how to set objectives for games.
  • Reframing high expectations you have.
  • Recognizing when you become distracted.
  • The #1 tool for strengthening your focus.

Module 4: Calming Your Nerves Before a Game

  • Understanding your main worries.
  • Learning the secret to reducing nerves.
  • How to stop worrying about the outcome.
  • Tools for calming nerves before a game.
  • Creating your own pregame routine.

Module 5: Learning the Art of Goal Setting

  • Long-term vs short-term goals.
  • Setting outcome vs process goals.
  • Key to setting strong goals for games.
  • Learning how to evaluate your game.
  • Creating practice plans for yourself.

Module 6: Learning to Enjoy Yourself

  • What happens when you enjoy yourself.
  • Main things that keep you from having fun.
  • Finding your purpose as an athlete.
  • Learning to focus on what you enjoy.
  • Using motivation to enjoy yourself more.

You'll Also Get the Mentally Tough Kid Workbook

In addition to access to the course, you will get The Mentally Tough Kid Workbook. This workbook includes all the exercises your young athlete will use as they complete this mental training course.

Also included in the workbook are 4 weeks worth of the performance objectives journal. This is the very same journal I use with the young athletes I work with in one-on-one mental coaching to help build confidence, learn from mistakes, and improve focus.

Mental Training Tailored to Your Schedule

The Mentally Tough Kid provides your child with expert mental training guidance on a flexible schedule. 

Each module is made up of 5-6 videos, with each video being only 5-10 minutes in length. This allows your child to consistently train their mental game without an enormous time commitment. 

And with each video including an interactive exercise, they will not only be learning the tools and techniques, but putting them into action!

Plus, when you purchase the course, you receive lifetime access. So there's no rush to finish and you can have your child review the videos at any time. 


What Parents Are Saying...

-Beth | Hockey Mom

"Eli helped tackle some of the biggest challenges our son was facing, through consistency and practice. We saw a great deal of improvement in our son’s performance and attitude. The paradigm shift that Eli taught him is one that we use to this day and one that we have used outside of the sports environment as well. We had a great experience working with Eli and so did our son!"

-John | Gymnastics Dad

"My daughter just started and completed Module 4 on Friday, had her best gymnastics meet of the year on Saturday!"

-Jessica | Soccer/Lacrosse Mom

"He subbed for his older brother's U14 soccer game tonight….. willingly. And not only did he show up, but he stood out and played with such confidence with kids much older than him. Three months ago this would have never happened!"

-Ina | Swimming Mom

"Hi Eli, Liam performed really well and so much better than it was in February. So grateful for your help! Liam said your tips massively helped him."

-Kristin | Baseball Mom

"Noah had a great couple of games!! Always great to have some successes and he seems to be applying some of the concepts you’ve discussed!"

-Carlos | Baseball Dad

"He is learning how to control his mind and now he is showing his potential even in those days where the things are not 100% good or after some mistakes and that is really important. We want to say thank you, sir, because he is enjoying the games in the way he is supposed to be."


Meet Your Child's Coach

Eli Straw, M.S. - Mental Performance Coach

Eli Straw holds a Master's Degree in psychology with a sport psychology specialization. Eli has worked with athletes from 6 different continents and over 15 different countries on building a stronger mental game. Eli brings a proactive and applicable approach to mental training. He believes that repetition is the key to success and so it is no different when it comes to mental training.

Combined with his expertise in clinical and applied sports psychology, Eli has extensive experience coaching, teaching, and consulting with professional, elite, college, high school, middle school, and youth athletes. Eli also has experience playing baseball at the collegiate and professional levels.



14-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

The Mentally Tough Kid has a 14-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not completely SATISFIED with the program, then
contact us within 14 Days for a full refund, no questions asked!

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